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Azure Virtual WAN & Azure Firewall & Forced Tunneling & P2S VPN & S2S VPN

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Azure Virtual WAN

Global transit network architecture and Virtual WAN.

Azure Firewall

Configure forced tunneling for Virtual WAN Point-to-site VPN

Tutorial: Create a P2S User VPN connection using Azure Virtual WAN.

Resolving Private DNS in P2S VPN Connections

DNS Forwarder VM

Containerized Azure DNS Forwarder

Azure Private Endpoint DNS configuration

Architect hybrid networking with Azure Virtual WAN and SD-WAN

Configure forced tunneling for Virtual WAN Point-to-site VPN

Azure Well-Architected Framework review - Azure Firewall

Azure FrontDoor well architected Framework

Use Azure Firewall to help protect an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster

Configure networking of an AKS regulated cluster for PCI-DSS 3.2.1

Secure research environment for regulated data

Teacher-provisioned virtual labs in Azure

Azure DNS Private Resolver Deep Dive

Configure Azure Firewall in a Virtual WAN hub

Manage secure access to resources in spoke VNets for User VPN clients

How to configure Virtual WAN Hub routing intent and routing policies.

Tutorial: Create a site-to-site connection using Azure Virtual WAN

How can I configure a VPN between a SonicWall firewall and Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure Site to Site VPN with SonicWall Hardware Firewall

Client VPN (P2S) access to on-prem via S2S both into same Azure VGW

Selective access restriction to servers from home using P2S VPN

Remote work using Azure VPN Gateway Point-to-site

Issue with resolving hostnames while connected to p2s Azure VPN

How-To: Automated Company-Wide IP Blocking via Azure Firewall and Azure Functions

Azure Firewall for VPS - how to limit countries requests dynamically

Firewall and Application Gateway for virtual networks

Use Azure Firewall to inspect traffic destined to a private endpoint

Github Azure Firewall Documents

What are the Azure Firewall Manager architecture options?

Asymmetric routing

Virtual network peering

Branch-to-branch (b) and Branch-to-Branch cross-region (f)

Azure SQL Connectivity Troubleshooting.

Why do ports 11000-11999 need to be open for an Azure VM to connect to an Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics connectivity architecture

Azure P2S DNS Server Issues

Test Azure Front Door Premium with a Private Link-enabled Azure Web Application

Azure Monitor Workbook for Azure Firewall.


Azure – Customizing the Point-to-Site VPN Client

Configure user groups and IP address pools for P2S User VPNs (preview).

About user groups and IP address pools for P2S User VPNs.

IPv6 traffic would flow outside of the tunnel.

What is IPv6 for Azure Virtual Network?

Azure Firewall

Dive deep into NAT gateway’s SNAT port behavior


Control egress traffic for cluster nodes in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

How do I lock down the access to my backend to only specified instance(s) of Azure Front Door ?

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