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Azure Resources


Microsoft cloud services and network security

Security services and technologies available on Azure

Azure Network Security Best Practices

Perform network intrusion detection with Network Watcher and open source tools

Azure Firewall

Build a DMZ to Protect Networks with a Firewall, UDR, and NSG

Palo Alto Firewall

Networking (UDRs) in Azure: Inserting the VM-Series into an Azure Environment


View the topology of an Azure virtual network


Put your databases on autopilot with a lift and shift to Azure SQL Database


Pluralsight Videos

Azure Home Page

ARM Templates

ARM Visualization

Azure Quick Start Templates

Azure Managed Instance

Quick-start script: Setup Azure network environment for Azure SQL Managed Instance

Demo – Azure SQL Database Managed Instance in action /

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance T-SQL differences from SQL Server

Configuring a Custom DNS for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Log Analytics

Custom logs in Log Analytics

Pushing Active Data Factory logs to Log Analytics

Collect data in Log Analytics with an Azure Automation runbook

Send data to Log Analytics with the HTTP Data Collector API

Monitoring and Alerting

The next generation of Azure Alerts has arrived

Azure Automation

General availability: Start/Stop VMs during off-hours in Azure Automation

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Load Balancing Solutions: A guide to help you choose the correct option

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory Samples

Provision the Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

Run an SSIS package with the Execute SSIS Package Activity in Azure Data Factory

Data Import Export

Azure Import/Export service

Azure Data Box Family

SQL Agent Alternatives

Manage groups of databases with Elastic Database Jobs

Create an Elastic Job agent using PowerShell

Use Transact-SQL (T-SQL) to create and manage Elastic Database Jobs

Send runbook job status and job streams from Automation to Log Analytics

Is SQL Server Agent missing from Azure SQL Database?

Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Logic Apps and the Azure Integration Services

Azure 101 Logic App Lab

Compare Flow, Logic Apps, Functions, and WebJobs

Logic Apps Hands-On-Lab

Connectors for Azure Logic Apps


Install and configure Terraform to provision VMs and other infrastructure into Azure

Data Validation and Verification

Handling data encoding issues while loading data to SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Apps

10 Differences between Azure Functions and Logic Apps


Marcus Robinson , Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Redesigning network topology for modern app architecture

Azure SQL Server

App Service

Integrate your app with an Azure Virtual Network

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