NGINX Log Analyzer

Posted in Cloud Computing on Nov 28, 2022

NGINX Log Analyzer . Parse NGINX Logs

Azure Frontdoor defaults

Posted on Aug 25, 2021

Azure Front Door, Application Gateway and WAF Default Timeouts

Azure SQL in-Memory OLTP

Posted in Azure, SQL Server on Dec 14, 2020

We have been working in-memory OLTP Technologies to achieve high concurreny. Our platform needs to support about 500 K Concurrent users doing small ( less than 64 KB) reads/writes at high frequency. We have noticed LATCH, LOCK and WRITE Log waits using disk based tables and we are able to avoid those issues using in-memory OLTP in Azure SQL and we are able to achieve the high concurrency.

Simple OctoberCMS Plugin Development

Posted in October CMS, OctoberCMS on Dec 13, 2020

Simple OctoberCMS Plugin Development

Videos Watched

Posted in Miscellaneous on Oct 23, 2018

Videos Watched

Azure SQL Migration

Posted in Azure, SQL Server on Sep 12, 2018

Learnings from Azure Migration

Azure Resources

Posted in Azure, Microsoft Technologies on Jul 24, 2018

Azure Resources

Verify Connection to MySQL is Encrypted

Posted in AWS, Cloud Computing, MySQL on Jul 15, 2018

How to Verify MySQL Connections are Secure?. These steps can be followed to verify client connections to MySQL Server are using SSL and verify all the data over the wire is encrypted.

Hosting Website from Home

Posted in AWS, Cloud Computing on Apr 15, 2018

I was hosting site from AWS on m3.xlarge Instance. Even though its reserved instance , the cost of hosting has crossed the threshold limit of hobby project. So I have decided to host the site from Home . In this blog post, I am sharing my experiences with hosting the website from Home instead of public cloud provider.

Stored Procedure Error Logging

Posted in Microsoft Technologies, SQL Server on Oct 28, 2017

Simple Stored Procedure for Error Logging