How to become DBA favorite Developer

Posted in Microsoft Technologies, SQL Server on Sep 20, 2016

Best Practices to follow to make DBA Operations simpler. Practices to follow to cut down troubleshooting time.

AWS RDS First Touch Penalty

Posted in AWS, Cloud Computing, SQL Server on Aug 03, 2016

The first time a DB instance is started and accesses an area of disk for the first time, the process can take longer than all subsequent accesses to the same disk area. This is known as the “first touch penalty.”

AWS SQL Server Native Backup Restore

Posted in AWS, SQL Server on Jun 30, 2016

These are the steps I followed to enable Native Backup and Restores on AWS SQL Server RDS 1. Created NativeBackupRestore Role and Enabled S3 Bucket Access 2. Created Custom Options Group and enabled to use the NativeBackupRestore Role 3. Modified existing instance to use custom options Group. 4. Successfully Backed up the Database from RDS Instance to S3 Bucket 5. Successfully Restored Native Backups on S3 on SQL Server RDS.